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The 3rd Kyokushin World Championship Krakow, Poland, 30-31 October, 2020 - POSTPONNED

Dear KWF Country Representatives,

Kyokushin World Federation is pleased to invite you and your Team to participate in a great event the 3rd Kyokushin World Championship that will be held for the first time in Poland. The venue for the tournament on 30-31 October 2020 will be the largest sports hall in Poland - the Kraków Tauron Arena which has capacity of over 20,000 people. Bulletin No.1 is under construction.

Official website of Kyokushin World Championship Krakow 2020 :

All documents and announcements will be posted on the official website. Details will be given soon.


The 34th European Kyokushin Championship Sieradz, Poland, - POSTPONNED

Dear Country Representatives,

On behalf of the European Kyokushin Federation I would like to invite you and your Team to participate in the 34th European Kyokushin Championship which will be held in the city of Sieradz, Poland on 15-16 May, 2020.

The the technical organizer of the championship is the Sieradzki Klub Kyokushin Karate led by shihan Robert Wajgelt.

Biulletin No.1 is under construction.

See you in Sieradz.


General Secretary

Andre Drewniak

Mob.: +48 601 421 145

Email :

Info : , and



Summer Camp in Knox, USA

Despite of Coronavirus crisis Chicago Dojo Kanku of shihan Lesław Samitowski operates with almost no breal organizing regular trainings in dojo outside in a forest/park and on line. Additionally shihan Leslaw also organizes this year usualy, annual karate kyokushin summer camo in Knox, Indiana from June 21st till June 28th (7 days). Over 40ppl will attempt the campfrom Kanku dojo. Because of this year tournaments are canceled, during the camp shihan Samitowski will keep focus on kihon kata and bunkai aspecct of kihon and kata as self defense but of course it will be every day training with figthing skills, sparrings and a lot of cardio traininggs with emphasizing of Kyokushin Spirit of OSU! Its gonna be 3 trainings a day, night trainings and of course a lot of fun!

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